The Mr. Tuffy Sealant Difference ... It Works!


Mr. Tuffy Sealant is different and very unique in its formulation compared to any other sealant. Once inside your tire or tube it will not ball up, dry out, or stop sealing punctures.


Proven Best - The sealant formula in Mr. Tuffy Tube and Tire Sealant has been in use since 1982, longer than any other major sealant. Customers using this formula report using the same tube for as long as ten years, and even then the sealant is still active and working. No other sealant can come close to that claim!


Safe for You – & the Environment - Many sealants use toxic materials that require special handling and clean up. Mr. Tuffy Tube & Tire Sealant cleans up with soap and water.


Mr. Tuffy Sealant Works!. We stand behind it with a 10 year satisfaction guarantee!

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