Someday, Flat Bicycle Tires Will Be History!


Flat tires take all the fun out of cycling! Frustrated bicyclists all over the country are spending millions of dollars for all kinds of products that promise flat-free cycling.


The need for flat-free products is obvious. A flat tire is very inconvenient on the way to work or school and can turn a weekend cycling adventure, into an unpleasant experience.


Who Needs Flat-free Products?












Commuters - never late to work or school again because of a flat tire.


Tourists - imagine not having to carry extra tubes, tires, patch kits, etc.


Weekend cyclists - no more frustrating delays that can spoil a family outing.


Parents - tired of the almost weekly intrusion into leisure time necessary to repair "Captain Destructo's" flat bicycle tires.


Perhaps flat tires have become a nuisance and a source of discouragement to you and your family. Your interest in cycling is waning due to flat tire problems. Wouldn’t you appreciate a solution to these problems?


In general - If you are fed up with the inconvenience of flat tires enough to accept the "trade-offs" of using flat-free products, you are ready for Mr. Tuffy!


Trade Offs?


As in most things, you must give up a little to get a little. Most users of flat-free products feel they give up very little and gain a great deal.  The "Trade Off" for NOT using flat-free products, IS FLAT TIRES!  The most signifacant trade-off in the past was the extra weight. Mr. Tuffy has now introduced Ultra-Lites which weigh 50% less than our regular tire liners. For most cyclists - Problem solved!


When Are You Most Likely To Be Interested In Flat Free Products?


You have a flat tire! - most likely from puncture by a thorn or broken glass. A product that promises to prevent this from happening on a regular basis seems like a great idea!


You are  buying a new tube or tire. Now is the ideal time to "step-up” to a    better idea  - a flat-free product. Words you’d love to hear, "We can flat-proof' your bike while we install your new tire!"


You have purchased a new bike. This is the perfect opportunity to accessorize – grips, baskets, rims, lock and cable sets, and especially flat-free products. By installing these new flat-free products at the time of bike purchase, your new bicycle will have fewer flat tire problems.


Someday, flat bicycle tires will be history. If you add Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners to your bike tires, your flat free future is now!  Your Someday - Can Be Today!


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